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10 Ways To Bond With Baby While You’re Pregnant

April Christine, Owner of Baby In Sight 3D / 4D Fetal Ultrasound

Connecting with your baby usually comes pretty naturally after your little one is born but while you’re still pregnant bonding with your baby may be more challenging.

It may be difficult to shift your mind away from the aches and pains and tiredness sometimes associated with pregnancy and focus on connecting with your growing baby.

If you need help establishing that special bond before birth, here are 10 ways to bond with your baby while you’re pregnant.

10 Tips To Bond With Baby When Expecting:

Talk to your baby:

You might feel a bit self-conscious about this at first, but chatting with your baby bump can be truly rewarding for both you and your babe.

Beginning in the second trimester of your pregnancy, your baby will first start to hear noises from inside your body (ie. your heartbeat), and as the trimester progresses, they’ll begin to hear more and more from the outside world.

By talking to your baby in a calm, loving tone, they’ll quickly start to recognize the sound of your voice, and in time you might find they react with movement – studies have shown that a baby’s heart rate increases when they hear their mama’s voice.

Not sure what to talk about? Try telling them about their family, their home, or the world around them when you’re out for a walk.

Sing to your little one:

Even if you’re not much of a karaoke star, don’t worry – your unborn baby loves the sound of your voice no matter what!

Whether you sing nursery rhymes, your fave pop diva hits, or made-up songs of your own, your baby will enjoy feeling the vibrations from your voice.

If you sing the same songs regularly, they may even recognize some of the songs once they’re born.

Start your bedtime story ritual:

It’s never too early to start reading to your baby – you may even help foster a love of books at a very young age!

It’s also another great way to help them hear your voice and increase your connection to each other.

Try starting a nighttime routine of reading one of your favourite children’s books out loud every night, or you could even read them some short poems throughout the day.

Respond to your baby’s kicks:

In your second trimester, at about 18 to 20 weeks, you’ll start feeling some early movements from your growing baby.

When you feel them move, try rubbing your bump – you just might find that they’ll kick back to say hello!

This feeling that you’re “communicating” with your little one is a really powerful way to enhance your bond.

Seeing your baby move and groove in the womb with a 3D/4D ultrasound at Baby in Sight 3D:

Watching your growing baby moving inside you and actually seeing baby’s features in 4D is an incredibly special opportunity for you and your partner to feel more connected to your little one.

At Baby in Sight 3D, we also offer optional early gender determination ultrasounds which can deepen the connection with baby as parents are now able to choose a name for their growing bundle of joy, and for some, decide on a nursery motif and begin chalking the closest and drawers full of appropriate baby attire.

We are the first in the industry to offer HD Live (5D), which is the latest and greatest in 4D imaging.

Book an appointment to see your baby hiccup, yawn, and smile like never before with incredibly realistic clarity and extraordinary image quality.

From early gender scans to multi-visit packages, we can help you capture every stage in your baby’s development.

Call your baby by their name or nickname:

When you’re talking to your baby, or even when you’re talking to your partner about them, try using their name if you’ve chosen one already.

If you’re still deciding on their name, try coming up with a cute nickname to call them instead.

Using a real name or nickname when you talk about your baby will help make them feel more real and help strengthen your bond.

Start a pregnancy journal:

Whether you write about your pregnancy experience or your hopes and dreams for your little one’s future, putting pen to paper is a great way to express your feelings during this changing time.

Spending this time thinking about your growing baby will help you focus more on the connection you’re creating with them.

Practice meditation:

Whether you’re a meditation guru or a newbie, now’s a perfect time to make this relaxing practice a part of your regular routine (if you’ve never meditated before, try starting with guided meditations – mobile apps like Calm or Headspace are a great resource for this).

Try meditating with your hands resting on your belly to help relax your baby.

As you focus on bonding with your little one, they will be focused on your heartbeat.

Take deep calming breaths to help shift your focus inward towards your baby.

Book a maternity photo shoot:

A photo shoot that’s all about you and your baby is a wonderful way to honour your special bond.

Not only will the experience itself be memorable, but the photos will be a beautiful reminder for you and your child to look back on together as they grow up.

Create some belly art or a belly cast:

Another creative way to commemorate your pregnancy is to create some art featuring your baby bump.

To make your own belly art, you can find someone to paint your baby bump with non-toxic paints and take photos of the creation.

You can also create a keepsake of your growing belly by making a cast of your bump – there are many DIY kits you can buy to do this at home (this could be a great item to add to your baby registry!).

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