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We Offer The Most Advanced Fetal Ultrasounds in Toronto, ON

Learn about the different types of fetal ultrasounds we offer, what they do, how they work and how we'll be using them during your special visit.

Obstretric Ultrasonography Fetal Ultrasound Types & Services

We Offer The Most Advanced Fetal Ultrasounds in Toronto, ON

Learn about the different types of fetal ultrasounds we offer, what they do, how they work and how we'll be using them during your special visit.

With So Many Types Of Ultrasounds, How Do You Make Sense Of It?

We completely understand that getting your elective fetal ultrasound might be a little intimidating and that you may not know which one of our ultrasound packages will be best for you.

The truth is, the majority of our clients purchase packages that utilize several ultrasound types at the same time including 2D, 3D/4D and HD Live (5D).

In addition to all of the descriptive information we’ve provided below, we’re also always here to help you select the best options and to answer any questions you might have.

2D Fetal Ultrasound Services

2D Fetal Ultrasounds

The 2D (or two-dimensional) black and white ultrasound image is what most people recognize from their regular medical ultrasounds.

The ultrasound image is created when sound waves emitted from a special hand-held device are transmitted into the body and reflected with varying intensity. The strength of these reflected signals or echoes are processed and displayed as varying shades of grey, giving us our resulting 2D black and white image.

At Baby in Sight, we regularly utilize 2D imaging when doing a 4D ultrasound. You will often observe during your 4D session, the sonographer selecting the 2D mode initially to correctly place a volume box over an area of interest prior to launching into the 4D / volume mode.

Two-dimensional ultrasound is sometimes the preferred mode when determining gender for smaller babies, however we still utilize both 2D and 4D imaging for all gender determination sessions.

Gender determination for the more advanced pregnancy is usually easily accomplished in both 2D and 4D modes.

We occasionally get requests to do entire sessions in 2D and that’s just fine as we understand that not everyone wants to discover who their baby looks like until the magical day, so just let us know your preference and we are happy to accommodate you.

As with our 4D sessions, 2D black and white images can be preserved digitally as video or jpeg images and we can also provide you with high resolution, hard copy prints.

2D Ultrasound Image Gallery

3D & 4D Ultrasound Services

3D & 4D Fetal Ultrasounds

3D ultrasound is a popular technique used in obstetrical sonography whereby a three dimensional (3D) image of the baby is achieved by the use of sound waves emitted at different angels into the body by a hand-held ultrasound probe or transducer.

A thin layer of ultrasound gel on the surface of the skin enables the sound waves to pass through the skin easily and the returning signals (or echoes) produced are then processed by sophisticated computer software, resulting in a reconstructed 3D volume image of the baby in utero. When the 3D images are captured rapidly in succession the result is a 4D realtime video of the baby showing movement.

The standard colouration assigned to the 3D image is a yellowish-tan colour (the newest advancement, HD Live/5D, provides a more realistic and natural skin tone) as opposed to the flat black and white 2D ultrasound image that most people are familiar with.

Parents-to-be are able to visualize facial features of their little one in amazing detail and in different projections.

3D Ultrasound Image Gallery

4D Ultrasound Video Examples

5D HD Live Fetal Ultrasound Services

HD Live (5D) Fetal Ultrasounds

HD Live / 5D is the latest advancement in 4D ultrasound imaging, enabling us to view baby with unsurpassed image clarity and a more realistic appearing skin tone. By utilizing a virtual spotlight in the HD Live mode, we are able to highlight the baby’s features like never before.

Further image manipulations can be implemented making it possible to view images from differing vantage points and lighting positions. This variable shading and highlighting of structures enables us to obtain a more realistic impression of features.

HD Live is made possible through sophisticated computer software that converts the conventional 2D, black and white ultrasound picture into a volume image where the technologist utilizes the 2D image initially to select the area of interest, like the baby’s face, and then activates the HD Live / 5D mode.

Structures within this selected viewing area are then displayed in a three-dimensional, realistic manner allowing us to see baby with unimaginable clarity.

HD Live Image Gallery

Gender Determination Reveal 2D Fetal Ultrasound Services

Gender Determination (Reveal) Ultrasounds

We recommend gender determination scans be scheduled at approximately 14-15 weeks and we can usually assess gender accurately right up until the delivery date.

Some of the main factors which affect visibility of the genitalia include fetal position, placental location, and maternal size. While we can’t control the latter two factors, the fetal position can often be influenced by having Mom move about, eat/drink something sweet (providing there is no history of diabetes), or partially empty her bladder.

Changes in Mom’s position and / or a partial void can cause a shift in the baby’s position which can improve visibility of the area of interest and so too can a little sugar snack/drink which can facilitate fetal movement.

Our registered Baby in Sight ultrasound technologists have an impeccable track record when it comes to accurately determining gender on the first visit, so you can feel confident that you are in knowledgeable and experienced hands. 

On the rare occasion when we are unable to get baby to cooperate with the photo shoot, you can return free of charge for a repeat scan within two weeks of the initial gender ultrasound.

We are also happy to accommodate special requests like sealing the gender results in an envelope to be opened with friends and family at your upcoming gender reveal party or contacting an awaiting baker or anxious relative so party plans can begin.

In addition, we offer in our studio an array of gender surprise party items including, gender confetti cannons and balloons, pink or blue powder-filled hockey pucks, golf balls, tennis balls, soccer balls, smoke cannons and pop-up cards just to name a few.  None of our surprise gift items have gender information on the label so we would be happy to assist you with selecting the appropriate one following your gender determination ultrasound.

Please let us know how we can help with whatever exciting gender announcement plans you may have.

We also understand that not everyone is eager to have baby’s gender determined until the big day. If this is the case, please feel reassured knowing that an entire 4D / HD Live ultrasound can be completed avoiding the area of interest so your surprise will remain just that.

Gender Reveal Ultrasound Image Gallery

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