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Early DNA Gender Reveal Service in Toronto, ON

Early gender DNA testing at 8 weeks with 99% accuracy utilizing the only needle-free baby gender prediction test in Canada!

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Our Baby in Sight 3D studio, located in the Greater Toronto Area, is excited to announce we have partnered with EarlyReveal, a Canadian owned and operated business specializing in DNA gender testing providing an incredible 99% accuracy at ONLY 8 weeks gestation!

Choose the preferred method of testing designed to suite YOUR preference AND budget:

EarlyReveal Tap Device

In the privacy of your own home apply Earlyreveal’s needle-free and stress-free innovative skin service Tap Device to obtain your blood sample quickly and effortlessly.  You can order or pick-up the DNA kit from our GTA studio at your convenience.  Follow the comprehensive instructions provided inside and you are good to go!

An expedited prepaid shipping label is included with every kit so when you are ready, simply drop your sample at the nearest mail depot and EarlyReveal will take care of the science!

For those who would prefer assistance obtaining your sample, rest assured, we are here to help.  For an additional fee of $25 we can apply the Tap Device and collect your sample in a private, designated area of our studio, carefully package and ship it and all you need to do is await and celebrate the results!

In Studio Blood Collection

We are now offering blood collection service in the comfort of our studio where a small sample of blood is withdrawn intravenously by an experience, registered nurse virtually eliminating the risk of sampling error or contamination.

Once the collection is complete, your job is done!  We will take care of your sample and safely package and ship it to EarlyReveal for processing.

Contact our office to arrange an appointment with the nurse and please allow a lead time of at least 2-3 days if this is your preferred method of blood collection.


Accurate and Safe

Science driven and 100% safe and accurate testing. EarlyReveal utilizes next-generation genetic sequencing by an all-women lab team to reduce chances of contamination, boasting a 99% accuracy.
Health Canada MDEL licensed.

Money Back Guarantee

EarlyReveal stands behind their product and offers a no hassle return policy which guarantees that in the unlikely event there is a discrepancy in results, a full refund will be issued once the birth certificate is provided.

Fast Turnaround Time

Fastest detection service in Canada. You can expect results in your inbox within 1-2 business days upon receipt of the sample by EarlyReveal.
*Subject to delays in postal service

Bundle with our 1st trimester and/or gender reveal 14+ week ultrasound for that added reassurance and save!

Packages & Pricing

EarlyReveal DNA Test Kit

$ 165
plus tx
  • EarlyReveal DNA Test Kit with needle-free, skin surface tap device, AND for a limited time FREE heartbeat session prior to testing!
  • We apply tap device, collect and ship sample immediately - + $25
  • Bundle *DNA test kit with a gender confirmation ultrasound at 14+ wks. -$245
  • Bundle *DNA test kit with a 1st trimester ultrasound to ensure accurate dates for testing - $235
  • Bundle *DNA test kit with both a 1st Trimester and 14+ wk. gender confirmation scan - $300

Studio IV Blood Collection

$ 210
plus tx
  • Small intravenous blood draw by a registered nurse in a designated area of our studio
  • Sample immediately packaged and shipped by us to EarlyReveal for processing
  • Bundle EarlyReveal DNA IV blood test with a gender confirmation ultrasound at 14+ wks.- $245
  • Bundle DNA IV blood test with a first trimester ultrasound to ensure accurate dates for testing - $235
  • Bundle *DNA test kit with both a 1st Trimester and 14+ wk. gender confirmation scan - $300

GENETICS 101: The Science Of Gender DNA Testing. How Does It All Work?

At an early stage in pregnancy, maternal and fetal blood mixes.  By analysis of the mother’s blood, it is possible to separate the maternal blood from fetal blood enabling scientists to extract important genetic information about the baby.

In the case oF DNA gender testing, it is the presence or absence of the Y-chromosome in the sample that is specifically analyzed.  We know the differentiation between the biological sexes are the XX and XY chromosomes.  If your baby has XX chromosome pairs the biological sex will be female and a XY chromosome pair will develop into a biological boy.  Therefore, if the laboratory analysis detects the presence of a Y-chromosome in the blood sample, it will be concluded that the baby is male and if it is absent, female.






Frequently Asked Questions

Still uncertain?  Check out our clients’ most common questions.

Yes!  The next generation EarlyReval Tap Device is safe, mess-free and painless and collects a small amount of blood from the shoulder area.  Simply follow the comprehensive instructions included with the test, tap it on your arm, wait a few minutes and you’re finished.  Alternatively, one of our registered technologists can assist you with the device application in a clean and safe area of our studio.

EarlyReveal utilizes next-generation sequencing with very high affinity of target and Y-chromosome which translates into an accuracy rate of 99%.

This technology has been tested on thousands of samples and is trusted by physicians and top prenatal clinics across Canada.

Accurate results depend on ensuring that no contamination of the sample occurs and therefore it is imperative that instructions provided in your kit are closely adhered to including:

-Wash hands thoroughly before collecting the blood sample.

-It is best if no males are present during the collection process. This is to ensure that no Y-chromosome inadvertently contaminates the sample.

-Collect enough blood to reach the line indicated on the collection tube.

To ensure accurate test results, you must be at least 7 weeks pregnant to take the test.  Testing less than 7 weeks may result in false readings.  Bundle your DNA test with a first trimester ultrasound at our studio to be sure your dates are correct.

The EarlyReveal test kit is good for 1 year so purchase it early so its’s on hand when you reach the eligibility period.

In the unlikely event the results are incorrect, EarlyReveal offers a hassle-free, money back guarantee.  Simply contact Earlyreveal at and include the baby’s birth certificate as proof of the biological sex.

Baby in Sight 3D is a distributor of the EarlyReveal DNA kit and not responsible for the processing and laboratory analysis of samples and subsequent accuracy of results and as a result, matters pertaining to incorrect test results and refunds must be directed to EarlyReveal.

For bundled services ie. EarlyReveal DNA test plus an ultrasound(s) at our studio, your refund will cover the cost of the DNA testing only.

Protecting your privacy is a top priority. After analysis is complete, your sample will be safely destroyed.  You can rest assured that your genetic information is not shared or sold to any third party.

The Earlyreveal all-women, laboratory team utilizes targeted, next-generation testing to determine the presence or absence of the Y-chromosome in the sample. If the Y-chromosome is present in the mother’s blood, she is pregnant with a boy and if absent, she’s having a girl.