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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our clinic, what we offer, how everything works, what's available to you and lots more.

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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our clinic, what we offer, how everything works, what's available to you and lots more.

You Probably Have A Few Questions For Us...

And we’ve got the answers to many of them right here!

People often tend to ask similar questions, such as “how much do the ultrasounds cost” and “how long do the ultrasound sessions take”, so we’ve put together the most common questions so you’ll have a better idea about what we offer and how you can work with us.

We know this can sound confusing, but once you’re here and see how everything works, you’ll completely understand.

Basically, 2D ultrasound is the traditional black and white images obtained during your medical diagnostic ultrasound.

3D is an ultrasound technique that provides a three dimensional volume image of the fetus.

Usually, these still 3D images are captured rapidly in succession to produce 4D real time images of the baby.

HD Live – or 5D – is the latest latest advancement in 4D ultrasound imaging, enabling us to view baby with incredible image clarity and a more realistic appearing skin tone.

Three dimensional ultrasound utilizes exactly the same sound intensities as traditional 2D ultrasound, but it is the high tech software that is able to manipulate the information into a 3D picture of the baby.

Still confused? No problem! Schedule your visit with us and we’ll be more than happy to show you around and explain it all to you.

Clients come for their 4D ultrasound at all different times.

We typically recommend scheduling your full 3D / 4D session between 24 and 34 weeks for a single pregnancy and before 25 weeks for twins.

Although beautiful 3D pictures can be obtained both much earlier and later than this suggested time frame, image clarity / visibility becomes very dependent on the individual pregnancy.

Gender determination scans can be done much earlier at around 14 weeks right up until delivery.

Younger babies tend to be quite active and because they are smaller, we can often visualize more of the baby in a single frame.

As the pregnancy advances and the  baby becomes larger less of the baby can be imaged  in a single frame.

However, visualization of facial detail usually improves as the pregnancy progresses and the baby has an overall chubbier appearance.

Many clients opt for the “Double Take” or “Watch Me Grow” ultrasound packages to capture forever these exciting stages in their little one’s life as baby transitions through the trimesters.

We recommend scheduling your gender determination appointment no earlier than 14 weeks gestation.

Gender can be determined right up until the delivery date.

If, for any reason, we are unable to assess the gender during your ultrasound (eg. difficult fetal position), you can return within two weeks for a free reassessment.

Yes, absolutely!

Gender assessment is optional and will not be divulged without parental request.

Optional gender determination is included with most of our 3D / 4D ultrasound packages.

We can also accommodate special requests, such as sealing the gender results in an envelope to be opened later or informing relatives / friends awaiting the news so they can get started on the gender reveal party plans

Baby in Sight employs only registered and very experienced ultrasound technologists.

Our technologists have over 25 years experience in the medical ultrasound field working in both hospitals and diagnostic imaging centres in the GTA.

We proudly display our credentials in our studio and welcome any questions or concerns regarding our qualifications.

3D images are produced using sound waves of the same intensity utilized to create traditional 2D images.

It is the high tech software in our state-of-the-art medical ultrasound machine that manipulates the 2D image into a 3D image of the baby.

Ultrasound technology has been the subject of hundreds of clinical studies over several decades and has not been found to cause any harmful effects to either the developing fetus or mother in the sound intensities or duration utilized.

We recommend being well hydrated in the days prior to your 3D ultrasound appointment, as it can improve the quality and quantity of amniotic fluid surrounding the baby, translating into better pictures.

We suggest drinking several glasses of water per day at least a week before your scheduled appointment if possible.

The day of your appointment, drink 500 mls of water about a half hour prior to session and don’t go to the bathroom.

The partial filling of the bladder helps in a couple of ways.

Firstly, it lifts the baby’s head up (if the head is down) making it easier to see the face.

In addition, if the baby is in a difficult imaging position, by voiding, it can encourage baby movements / position changes and possibly result in better pictures.

Our services are not a substitute for a medical diagnostic ultrasound examination ordered by your health care provider.

All services offered at Baby in Sight are considered non-diagnostic, which means that no medical information regarding the baby / pregnancy will be reviewed by a radiologist or communicated to your obstetrician / midwife.

Several factors impact the clarity of images obtained, including most importantly fetal position, placental location, volume of amniotic fluid, maternal size, and whether there are structures obscuring visibility of areas being imaged (eg. hands/legs over the face).

At Baby in Sight we make every effort to obtain the best possible images and ensure ample time is allotted for each appointment should it be necessary to get Mom moving around, drinking juice, etc., to encourage baby movement / position change.

We have many elective baby ultrasound packages available to suit every budget, ranging from early pregnancy scans (Belly Bean-$75) to multi-visit packages (Watch Me Grow-$330).

We also offer several weekday fetal ultrasound specials.

For a detailed description of our package prices please visit our Package & Pricing page.

We are located in the heart of Markham on the southwest corner of McCowan Rd. and highway 7 across the street from Markville Mall.

Our address is:

8312 McCowan Rd.,
Unit 204B,
Markham, ON.
L3P 8E1

Visit our Contact Page and you’ll see our address, telephone number, driving directions and more at the bottom.

Or visit our Google Business Profile listing to get live directions.

No need to worry – we’ve got that covered!

While our technologists are quite skilled at achieving optimal imaging positions of the baby for facial scanning, we occasionally have a stubborn little one.

You always have our photoshoot guarantee: If we don’t see your baby, you can return for free within two weeks of your appointment date or as recommended by the technologist.

There are several options for booking an appointment.

You can contact us by phone, email or book online if it is more convenient.

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